Olga Moon is an artist, ceramist, jeweler, and photographer.

SHE IS MONO is a brand of author's ceramic products created by Olga Moon for aesthetic and tactile pleasure. Each item is distinguished by natural forms, asymmetry and a bright personality.

Natural materials with rough, unfinished surfaces, natural shades and simple shapes make it possible to experience beauty in simplicity and naturalness.

The main direction is unique items made by hand using the "raku" technique. Raku is an ancient style of traditional Japanese ceramics for the tea ceremony, where all attention is focused on form and material. Raku products are made using open fire firing, which reveals the true shades of metals in ceramics, creating unique art objects.

Jewelry is created as an extension of the body. They complement and complete the image with their uniqueness and texture, and also endow the owner of these artifacts with the power of natural metals and stones.