VLH perfume (I)

The VLH project presents one-of-a-kind fragrances. All the components are handcrafted and they're objects of art in their own right, from the package to the fragrance itself.

Volume: 30ml.

Rough untreated leather darkened by grim castoreum and softened by the sweetish languidness of incense, self-sufficient dense vanilla sharpened by black pepper and tangerine peel with the sweetness of the fruit and the green intensity of the tangerine tree.

Top notes: tangerine peel
Middle notes: vanilla, black pepper
Base notes: frankincense, castoreum, leather

This item is not eligible for any promocodes.
Due to the carriers restrictions perfume is only possible to deliver to RU, KZ, BY.
Limited edition.

Category: Perfume

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