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WILDHORN showroom is a space in the centre of Moscow where you can get acquainted with our brand, including our line of interior decoration and furniture WILDHORN Home, as well as the careful selection of other Russian avant-garde designers, whose work we appreciate:


How to find us
Moscow, B. Sukharevskiy lane 13b1

by appointment only

Below you can find some products of other designers presented in our showroom, which you can also order online. The products are in stock and ready for shipping. Some restrictions may apply for the interior objects.
Note: the products of other designers except WILDHORN are not eligible for any promocodes

YTN №7
YTN №7 is an artisanal brand of leather goods, designed and carefully handcrafted by architect Natalie Vtyurina in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Minimalistic style and natural materials are the fundamental basics of YTN №7. Our brand philosophy is inseparably connected with the manual processing, where design is deeply inspired by material specific texture. Just like you can not touch the same water twice, each piece is unique and has its own identity.

Gary Girin
Gary Girin is a Moscow designer, producing high-end handmade avant-garde leather bags and accessories. He started leather craftsmanship as a hobby in 2014 that turned into a manifest – to create leather items that you just love to hold in your hands. Two years later Gary established his own brand as a one-man project.

From the very beginning, he focused the concept of his brand on luxurious vegetable-tanned leather (primarily horse) and functional simplicity. Combining it with raw, hammered steel hardware or sterling silver details.

Gary Girin specializes in handmade bags, backpacks, wallets, belts, and minor accessories. All hand-stitched with a classic technique of saddle stitching.

Rhoe Bermat
Niko, the designer behind Rhoe Bermat, was born in Kyrgyzstan and spent most of his life there, surrounded by endless space, love and the beauty of nature.

Snow-white peaks and blue foothills - what he saw every day, going out to the main street of the city. He enjoyed. Nature became his inspiration, his greatest delight and love.

The same feelings were experienced by the nomads who once lived in those places with their faith in nature and the sun, the power of the earth, the magic of spirits and animals. Something from this culture Niko knows from his own experience, something - only from the books or tales. However, this was enough to fall in love with the primitive art, which he finds the most attractive, pure and absolutely unique. In our showroom you can find his ceramics and jewelry

Olga Moon is an artist, ceramist, photographer and the creator of the online art auction.

SHE IS MONO is the brand of artisanal ceramics created with a japanese technique of Raku firing. Each item is distinguished by natural forms, asymmetry and a bright personality. Natural materials with rough, unfinished surfaces, natural shades and simple shapes make it possible to create the beauty in simplicity.

Raku is an ancient style of traditional Japanese ceramics for the tea ceremony, where all attention is focused on form and material. Raku products are made using open flame firing, which reveals the true shades of metals in ceramics, creating unique art objects.

Kostantin, the designer behind Koandco, is a highly experienced and talented blacksmith who creates unique manually forged steel jewelry and home accessories in metal and wood.

Innovative experiments with hammered stainless steel bring up the unique textures of his artworks.

The VLH fragrances are all a product of free creativity of the Nose Lesya Volkhonskaya.

The philosophy of the brand VLH can be summarized as harmony through conflict. A struggle, a clash of contrasts, a combination of light and dark, of rough and smooth is in each of us, as well as the drive towards completeness and harmony.

The VLH fragrances represent a vibrant, ringing tension contained by volcanic stone bottle. Each of the fragrances represented in this line contains both rigid structured ingredients and soft streamlined ones.

On your skin the fragrance selects its vector of development, it's you who is completing the cycle and creating the perfect aroma.

22.77 is a family jewelry brand from St. Petersburg.

Alexey made his first titanium ring back in 2013. His products are inspired by the simplicity and functional design of the Bauhaus. Precise lines and perfect finish defined the core of the brand's style for many years.

In 2019 Anastasia gave the brand its second birth and a new name. 22.77 - the proportion of tastes, the views of the engineer and the artist united in the creation of unique jewelry.

Years of experimentation with technologies and materials allowed to develop their own multi-stage production process, which brings an element of chaos of nature into each product, making even the simplest of them unique.

Utopia Lab
Teodor Currentzis is a Greek-Russian conductor, musician and actor. He is the creator of musicAeterna orchestra and the director of Dyagilev festival.

Utopia lab is Teodor's project dedicated to avant-garde fashion and perfumery, curated by Kristina Galko.

SÓHA Concept
SÓHA is the project of artist Den Milovanov.

Denis Milovanov produces wooden sculptures employing chainsaw and chisel as sole instruments of his practice. Reclaimed oak is carefully chosen, hand-processed and boiled in linseed oil in accordance with traditional Russian woodwork principles that help expelling moisture from the wood, increase its durability and provide a reserved and deep palette of color to the finish: from light hazel to pitch-black charcoal.

Gray, seasoned wooden temples with intricate ancestral carvings in abandoned villages of Northern Russia constitute the main visual reference for the artist. Hand-picked material for the sculptures comes from fallen or naturally withered oak trees to retain the notion of organic life cycle. Resulting pieces resemble neo-primitivist totems covered with an expressive and hypnotic scarring from the masterful use of chainsaw.