parfum / unisex / 30 ml

Group: marine, leather, amber.
Top notes: smoke, styrax, oysters, sea water, gin.
Middle notes: osmanthus flowers, rose, suede, elemi, salt.
Base notes: labdanum, fallen leaves, tobacco, oriental amber, patchouli.

Chypre leather perfume ACQUA GOTICA opens with an accord of sea water, salt and fresh oysters. Freshness and minerality are intertwined with aromas of fallen leaves, fresh apricots and Japanese gin. The composition changes, smoothly transitioning into a floral heart of osmanthus and rose on a warm base of smoky styrax and resinous labdanum, sounding velvety and suede. The top notes contrast with warm oriental amber, spices, light tannin and tobacco.

We often chase wealth, recognition and fame. Short-term and artificial, these are just pleasant accompanying attributes, but not the goal itself. Life is not a chase after all.
The real goal is to be happy, without embellishment and complex meaning. And this goal silently calls us, seeping through the reality we have invented.
But not everyone will be able to hear this call. ACQUA GOTICA is the song of a siren, beckoning to where everything is genuine, pure and therefore simple. Not everyone can decide to leave everything they have achieved and go on a journey that can change them.

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