eau de parfum / unisex / 30 ml

Group: floral, powdery, woody
Top notes: pink pepper, juniper berries, pear, lemon, mint, water.
Middle notes: iris, jasmine sambac, lavender, lotus, cream soda, earthy notes.
Base notes: orris root, white suede, musk, Javanese vetiver.

Sometimes you just want to disappear, slip away from reality and hide in your inner universes. Everyone has their own - fantasies, secret desires, dreams and hopes. These worlds are like a scattering of shining gems - they are all different, but they all have one thing in common - these worlds accept us for who we are. MOONLIGHT RAINBOW is the key to the cherished portal leading to serenity, it is a "lunar rainbow" hidden in an amethyst bottle. We dedicated this perfume to escapism as a form of meditation and medicine for the soul.

MOONLIGHT RAINBOW is a floral powdery-woody fragrance built around an iris accord composed of the earthy part of its roots, the softness of sambac jasmine, lavender and smoky Javanese vetiver. The freshness of pear pulp, cooling mint and lotus flower, complemented by a slightly gin sound of juniper berries and pink pepper, are combined with a dense suede-tobacco character of the composition. The light bitterness of the woody-floral heart of the perfume is balanced by cream soda and fruity musks.

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Category: Perfume