Perfume by 139DEC.

The fragrance "NOT ALONE", created by the fashion house 139DEC in collaboration with the talented composer Alexei Shlykov (Mr. Pepper), tells us a story for all time.
In the world of art, when you are driven only by striving forward, although it seems that the meaning is lost and you are alone, we always remember that we are leaving a cultural mark for future generations.

The perfume pyramid consists of earthy, marine and floral notes.
Earth note: pyrogenic distilled incense (removed from burning) at the exit reveals like the smell of gunpowder and burnt grass.
Note of the Sea: salt, ozone and amber are sent from the depths raging within us.
Floral notes combined with salty ones form the feeling of a synthetic plastic fleur, which is the so-called digital essence.
The composition of the fragrance was developed by the alchemist of our time, perfumer Oleg Razygrin, creator of the 4or2 brand.

Volume: 50ml.

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